About me

william_about_me_bioWilliam Di Lauro was born in 1972. He enrolled at 17 (1989 in parallel to his school maturity) to a three-year course in photography at “The Studio” in Florence, Italy. Under the teaching of the Tuscan photographer Marcello Fiordelli, he learned the techniques and composition of photography. In 1992 he started to collaborate with various modeling agencies that entrust models who are interested in expanding their “photo-book” thus beginning to have the first contacts in the field of fashion photography. From 1994 to 1998 he obtained a degree in Economics and Fashion Marketing at the Faculty of Humanities in collaboration with “Polimoda”. In1999 he attended the famous advertising agency “Leonard & Kern” in Stuttgart, Germany, there he learned the importance of the communication in the advertising image, thus enhancing his experience on the development and promotion of images. In 2000 he had already begun working with several companies in the fashion industry, both in Italy and Internationally. In 2004 William opened his own photography and image studio, called “Neckarno Image” to continue and develop his photographic works and video productions. Even today, after years of experience, working with numerous brands in the fashion business, William is always trying to develop new and exciting ideas with companies and designers. In the past few years he has been doing video production as a creative director and also filmmaker, shooting movies for corporate presentations. This has left a strong emotional impact on his work allowing him to expand his creativity further. He is always followed by trusted collaborator who assists him when working on a large projects. His Multicultural experience has allowed him to grow in development and thus organize casting of models, scouting locations for shooting, and setting up all creative design. He personally follows all creative development and graphic post production on any shoot. As an artist and as a visionary seen through the eye of a camera William is always ready to learn and to discover something new.